Kerrian’s Notebook, p. 42 “Is that a body on the golf course?”

Opening holes at Furnas


I admit it. I’m not good at vacations. I never minded taking the occasional day off if work permitted, but a whole week? It always seemed that the cases were more important than lounging on the beach somewhere, getting sand in my shorts.


We spent a couple of weeks in Jamaica, but as Sheila will tell you, the murders got in the way of relaxing by the pool. Lots of fun for me in the beginning, not so much fun for either of us toward the end of the trip. After that, I owed her big time, so Sheila got to pick the do-over destination – the Azores, a group of nine islands off the coast of Portugal. The biggest one, Sao Miguel, was where we headed for seven days.


Sheila made a list of stuff for us to do and I checked out the golf courses. There were two famous ones, but because of the tours and timing, we only played the one in the Furnas valley, VerdeGolf Country Club.


Beautiful course, over 6,000 yards long from the tips, well laid out with a rating of 127, has elevated greens, water hazards and sand traps. Volcanic sand plays like dirt, by the way.

Furnas rough – 😉

Slicing the ball was a bad idea, because the forest floor next to the fairway was dense with undergrowth. Lost five Bridgestones in the woods, but still had a great round.

Furnas fog

That is, until the fog moved in. If you look closely at the picture, the flag is to the right of center, beyond the volcanic sand. Sheila and I took turns yelling from the hole, so we would have a target, then jumping out of the way as we each chipped onto the green.


Even Sheila said that it would be easy to hide a couple bodies on that course and no one would ever see you do it. What a round! I’d definitely play there again.



*Photos by Patti Phillips





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