KN, p. 207 “Sheila’s Resolutions for 2018”


Sheila here.  🙂 

Charlie is outside shoveling the walk again, so I’m posting my own Resolutions for 2018. First, a word about the fruitcakes that just kept coming, no matter how many moans and grumbles Charlie shared with the Kerrian readers. Personally, I think the Post Office gals are in on the joke, since more than half the fruitcakes (we counted 53 this year) were delivered anonymously between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I mean, how many return address labels can you ‘lose?’  LOLOL


I never stick to any of my own resolutions unless they are about cooking, reading, or gardening, so here goes – a doable list for me for 2018.


1) Create some recipes that contain chocolate. Chocolate is good for you.  🙂

2) Eat more chocolate. See #1.


3) Do the 10,000-step program. The back garden needs a few changes, so 10K a day should be easy. Bad weather? I’ll do laps inside the house or ride my stationary bike to get credit.


4) Plant some vegetables in the garden this year. It would be great to have fresh tomatoes and squash for the late summer quiches we make.


5) Take a golf lesson with my new driver. Maybe two lessons. I keep topping the ball.


6) Schedule a daily time to read. Right now, it’s hit or miss and I really want to read a few of the mysteries and thrillers that the gal at www.nightstandbookreviews.com has recommended.


7) Learn to make a flaky pie crust. I read that mixing cold water and cold vodka in equal parts to add to the flour, guarantees a flaky crust. Could that be true?


8) Clean out the attic. Charlie says it’s all my stuff up there, so if he cleans out the garage, I’ll do the attic.


9) Try new brands of chocolate. See #1. The local grocery store has added an entire six-foot section to the chocolate bar area. They finally know who their customers are.


10) Work on a guacamole dip for the playoff season. I have a secret ingredient. If it’s any good, we’ll share it in Kerrian’s Kitchen.


There you have it. A list that includes both self-improvement and bucket-list goals, but all possible. Except maybe the attic, because I really don’t want to do that one. One box at a time, right?


Thank you, the Kerrian readers, for your terrific support throughout the years. You are the BEST group of followers and we can’t brag about you enough.  🙂  🙂


Until next time, Happy Sleuthing!





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KN, p. 161 “Kerrian’s 2016 Resolutions”



How many of you make resolutions every January and then completely drop the ball in less than a month? You promise yourself that you will lose 10 pounds, join a gym, stop texting so much, stop complaining about the boss and just change jobs…but for whatever reason, something always gets in the way.


I feel your pain. I did so badly on my 2014 resolutions that I didn’t make any at all for 2015. Not a one. This year, I’m feelin’ lucky. I’m more driven. I’m gonna get it done. After last year, Sheila’s laughing a lot while I write this and she says I’m on my own.


Here’s the 2014 list and how I did in 2015:


1. Play more golf.

It rained more than ever and I didn’t want to slog through the mud, so it was actually less golf.


2. Watch more football.

Didn’t happen. I had to do some needed work on the roof, the deck, the ramp, and a couple of windows and it seemed like the only sunny days were also football days.


3. Tell the Post Office not to deliver any fruitcake packages.

They did anyway. The mail gal laughed every time she dropped one off. 26 last season.


4. Take a test drive in a Ferrari 458 Italia.

Never got a chance. It rained on the day we scheduled and then the rain date was rained out.


5. Keep visiting the new Irish pub.

That I did. Great place.


6. Work with Habitat for Humanity on the houses lost during Sandy.

We were stalled by the insurance people and only worked on a few. Sadly, there were lots of lawsuits involved and many of the homeowners were not allowed to get back into the houses while the legal games continued.


7. Clean out the attic. Maybe. I may need nudging for this one.

Mostly done and then we inherited some plates and Christmas decorations and some furniture, so the attic is full again.


8. Break 90 on the golf course.

Didn’t play enough. I’ll save playing in the rain for the Scotland trips.


9. Clean out the attic. Sheila made me write it twice.

It was her relatives that gave us the extra stuff.


10. Get a book recommendation at www.nightstandbookreviews.com

Yup, we both did that.   🙂


2016 will be different. I acknowledge that some of my goals were too lofty and depended on the actions of other people and/or Mother Nature herself.  So, here’s what I’m thinking. I will list only things over which I have control.


Yeah, I know that was a dumb statement, but it sounded good in my head. 😉


Here’s the can-do list for 2016:


  1. Take more naps. They’re good for you.


  1. Donate the 18 fruitcakes to my pals at the Post Office. Regifting is like recycling, right?


  1. Buy a bigger umbrella to keep me dry.


  1. Get a guy in to dig a trench to channel the water around the property, so that I can stop the flooding around the foundation and take more naps.


  1. Plant a pink dogwood to improve the front view. Very calming when the view is relaxing.


  1. Figure out a way to continue the 10,000 step program inside while it’s raining outside. Maybe I’ll walk a lap inside each room, add up all the steps and repeat the laps a few times a day.


  1. Take out my photos of the golf course to remind me of what it looks like on a sunny day. Dreaming and reminiscing is good for the blood pressure.


  1. Practice putting on the rug. It’s bound to stop raining some day, and part of my short game will be ready when the golf course is no longer covered with mud and puddles.


  1. Read more books recommended by the gal at www.nightstandbookreviews.com She’s never steered us wrong.


  1. Thank all the Kerrian’s Notebook followers!!! The readership keeps on growing every year and that makes us both smile. Smiling is always good for the soul!


Happy 2016 everyone! Spread a little kindness, smile more, and make 2016 a great one.    🙂






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KN, p. 95 “Kerrian’s Resolutions for 2014”




Last year, Sheila challenged me to come up with a can-do list of New Year’s resolutions. I told her that no list was ever gonna fly, but she guilted me into going public with goals that would be good for me. Apparently, she thinks I need to set a good example for my pals since I write this blog. I always said that Sheila has a sense of humor.

Here’s a look at last year’s list and how I did:

1 – Play more golf.

     HA! It rained all the time, so I played less golf than 2012.  

2 – Watch more football.

      My team didn’t make it to the playoffs, not even close. I’m really bummed about this one. Sheila just keeps laughing, but wait for next season!

3 – Try fishing.

      Did that. Didn’t like it. Fell into the lake.

4 – Go to a scotch tasting.

      No local brewery, so my pals and I each bought a different brand and we all tried each other’s. The guys liked my list.  😉

5 – Find a place to bury the fruitcake we got.

      After this post last year, we received twenty fruitcakes in the mail from anonymous donors. The birds and the squirrels were happy for two months, but after four months, they still wouldn’t touch the fruitcake with the kumquats in it. That one got a decent burial next to the snake hole by the fence.

6 – Buy a new putter.

      Got one…a new belly putter…jury is still out on whether it helps my game. If it would stop raining, I might get a chance to see.

7 – Take a test drive in a Lamborghini.

      Yup. I had to go to NYC to find one, but I got it done. Amazing ride.

8 – Have a pint at the new Irish pub.


9 – Check out www.nightstandbookreviews.com

      Pretty cool site for book recommendations!

10 – Eat more pie.

        The scale told me I ate too many pieces, so I had to stop before I reached my goal of a new pie every week.

There you go, folks. More good results than bad, so I’m going to try again.

Here’s the 2014 list:

1. Play more golf.

2. Watch more football.

3. Tell the Post Office not to deliver any fruitcake packages.

4. Take a test drive in a Ferrari 458 Italia.

5. Keep visiting the new Irish pub.

6. Work with Habitat for Humanity on the houses lost during Sandy.

7. Clean out the attic. Maybe. I may need nudging for this one.

8. Break 90 on the golf course.

9. Clean out the attic. Sheila made me write it twice.

10. Get a book recommendation at www.nightstandbookreviews.com


Happy New Year from the Kerrians!!!


*Photo by Patti Phillips

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