KN, p. 230 “Top Eleven for 2018”


Questions I get asked all the time:


1) What floats to the top of the favorite article pile for the year? (see below for the 2018 fave list)


2) Do writers gather material for their contest submissions at Kerrian’s Notebook? (yes)


3) Are the crime fans looking for information that explains a particular book they are reading or a movie they have watched? (yes to both)


Here are the top eleven most popular new posts for 2018. Why eleven? 10 & 11 were too close to leave one off the list.  🙂  Click on the links to read the posts for the first time or to enjoy them again.


11)  “Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies”


10)  “Is That Poison in Your Tea?”


9)  “Sheila Sees a Body in the Brush Pile”


8)  “What Does the FBI Do?”


7)  “Death by Freezing”


6)  “Parmesan Basil Veggies”


5)  “Crime Scene at the Beach”


4)  “Stokes Basket Method”


3)  “The Road to Quantico”


2)  “Underwater Evidence & Body Recovery”


and the most read new post for 2018 was:


1) “FBI Training at Quantico”


Happy Sleuthing, everyone!


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