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Many warm thanks to all the Kerrian followers. Readership was up by over 50% in 2019. That’s not a typo. You spread the word and people kept on reading and sharing.


The Kerrians’ 2019 was a year of returning to fan favorite topics that focused on how law enforcement officers work, with the result that four of those articles were in the TopTen new articles for the year.


Interest continues in the new recipes from the Kerrian Kitchen and we’re delighted that you enjoy them as well! Like I keep saying, we taste-test everything and nobody ever died after eating at our house. πŸ˜‰


Sadly, suicide is on the rise in the USA again and the interest in the article seen here is welcome. It is based on the death of a real family friend. Pass along the information to others, please.


Here are your Top Ten favorites from 2019:

(Click on the links and enjoy them again or read them for the very first time.)


10: β€œGreek Salad”


9:Β  β€œPumpkin Pancakes (GF)”


8:Β  β€œMeatloaf – Comfort Food”


7:Β  β€œSuicide”


6:Β  β€œWhere Did They Move the Graves?”


5:Β  β€œScotland Yard Is Not in Scotland”


4:Β  β€œDo You Want to be an FBI Agent? – Part 2”


3:Β  β€œSWAT Team Experience”


2:Β  β€œCucumber Slushies”


1:Β  β€œDo You Want to be an FBI Agent? – Part 1”



Keep a lookout for changes at the Kerrian website. Many will be behind the scenes as we make more cellphone friendly.


The changes will occur over the next few months and I’ll let you know through the newsletters and on Facebook as soon as they happen.


Happy New Year, everyone, and keep those cards, emails, letters, and messages from around the world coming. We read and enjoy them all!Β Β  πŸ™‚





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