KN, p. 281 “Halloween Fun in 2021”

Kelley reads to the neighbors

It’s time to let the skeletons clickety clack and rattle their way through the streets. Ghosts have been waiting for almost two years to flap in the trees and boo the germs out of the goblins. The bats have been practicing their swooshing past my office window at twilight. Everyone is getting ready to have fun in the neighborhood.


Last year, our neighbors were new to the rules of the Pandemic. The town had allowed the door-to-door candy fest with great caution advised, but the big parties were canceled in deference to a widely held fear of a super spreader event. There were a few hardy souls that ventured out after dark, but the usual crowds of children yelling “Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet,” and other happy verbal foolery were sadly missing.


This year, with more and more people vaccinated, more medical mask wearers out and about, and people automatically social distancing, it promises to be an almost back-to-normal holiday fest in our neck of the woods.

With a few recommended guidelines, that is.

  • Trick-or-treat with small groups of people you know (adults should always be close by their children).
  • Adults are encouraged to stay outdoors to pass out candy (our neighbor sets up a table in the driveway and chats with passersby).
  • Adults should consider placing candy into the trick-or-treater bags rather than have children reaching into a bucket.
  • Wear a medical or two-layered mask while out and about. The costume masks are generally constructed of only one layer.
  • Want to have a party? Set it up outside to reduce the possibility of germs spreading.
  • Practice social distancing whenever possible. 
In 2020, one Missouri county experienced the doubling of Covid cases during the two weeks following Halloween as did other parts of the country, so there is a continuing reason to be cautious in crowds and among strangers.
Above all, stay safe. If that means staying home with the family while wearing a costume, eating homemade Halloween treats, and watching Halloween movies on TV, go for it! Kelley (the articulated skeleton in the photo) and I will be at Halloween Grove reading to the spider, the witches, and the apprentice skeleton, and watching the bats fly by.

Happy Halloween!


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