KN, p. 170 “Death at the Antique Fair”


Ferguson House, Cameron, NC



The cousins love antiques. Sheila’s Mom loved antiques and sold them after she retired from her teaching career. Sheila’s aunt loved antiques and had a thriving business that also included creating beautifully painted accessories for the antique furniture. Get the picture? It’s the unofficial family biz, although not under one umbrella.


We’ve acquired a few older pieces over the years as well; some were gifts, some were inherited, and some were garage sale/antique show finds. This past weekend, the yearly Antique Fair was held in a local community, the weather was gorgeous, and it was a great day to search through the vendor piles and stalls for the perfect bookcase. We have a LOT of books that need shelving and needed a unit that had a solid wooden back to it.


The Fair had everything from old furniture and glassware to handcrafted birdhouses and quilts for sale.












Little did I know that we would also find lots of places in which to hide/find bodies and/or methods with which to dispatch them. Lol


Ever watch a TV show or movie where poison or drugs were added to a drink? We found this ‘poison’ ring for $5. Soooo easy to open and dispense the deadly dose. 😉




Need a quilt to wrap the body in?



Need a place to put the body while waiting for the ‘package pickup’ company to arrive?



As far as we know, there were no murders committed while we were there, but there were quite a few large barrels and chests already packed by late afternoon.

Shovels anyone? 😉



*Photos: taken by Patti Phillips




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