Kerrian’s Notebook, p. 65 “Kerrian makes New Year’s Resolutions”


Every year I ignore the pals who make resolutions on New Year’s Day. This is because I notice that nobody sticks to the diets, nobody cleans out the garage, and not one guy I know loses weight and keeps it off. I mean, seriously…when you’ve got a wife who makes great chocolate cheesecake and your HDL numbers are good, why bother?


But, this year, Sheila nudged me to come up with a list. So here goes:


1. Play more golf.

2. Watch more football.

3. Try fishing.

4. Go to a scotch tasting.

5. Find a place to bury the fruitcake we got.

6. Buy a new putter.

7. Take a test drive in a Lamborghini.

8. Have a pint at the new Irish pub.

9. Check out

10. Eat more pie.


There you go, folks. A can’t miss list.  😉


Happy New Year from the Kerrians!!!



*Photo by Patti Phillips








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6 thoughts on “Kerrian’s Notebook, p. 65 “Kerrian makes New Year’s Resolutions””

    1. Thanks, Sue! Kerrian certainly had fun writing them. He found a spot to bury the fruitcake and he’s getting the shovel ready. 😉

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