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KN, p. 269 “Top Ten New Posts 2020”

  Thousands of Kerrian’s Notebook readers have spoken. Here are the Readers’ Choice Top Ten new posts during 2020. Click on the titles, read them for the first time, or enjoy them again.  🙂           #10  “Savory Rustic Tomato-Squash Pie”       #9  “Visiting Detective Chloe Jackson” (aka author Sherry Harris)   #8  “Bacon Wrapped Pineapple           #7  “Forensics – What’s It All About?       #6  “Summer Tuna Casserole   #5  “Foxglove: Pretty, Medicinal, and Deadly   #4  “Poison Gardens, Here and Abroad   #3  “Easy Chicken Soup           #2  “The Kerrians and the Pandemic         #1  “Tasers and Stun Guns   There you have it, folks. Here’s to a great, sleuthin’ 2021!          
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