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Kerrian’s Notebook, p. 153 “Where are the bodies buried?”


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I was thumbing through the Kerrian’s Notebook file cabinet, checking for the articles written about bodies – where and how to hide them and various problems with methods used on TV and in the movies. I was a Homicide Detective for a good many years and saw my share of cases that made my jaw drop. I can’t go into detail about my own cases, but the links to real world cases within the Kerrian’s Notebook articles are authentic. Stranger than fiction? Perhaps. But then, criminals often defy logic.


Take a look back at fifteen of the most frequently read posts about how people wind up dead, and where some criminals attempt to hide the bodies.


  1. “Bodies in the woods?”   http://bit.ly/18bIHjC


  1. “is that a foot sticking out of the cement?”   http://bit.ly/13AsqAp


  1. “Is that a body in the sandtrap?”   http://bit.ly/15HSy2B


  1. “Is that a body in the snowdrift?”   http://bit.ly/1c22x0x


  1. “100 ways to die an unnatural death”   http://bit.ly/1ibvDm8


  1. “Death by Elevator”    http://bit.ly/1hcrmcb


  1. “50 more ways to die an unnatural death”    http://bit.ly/1pMia5F


  1. “Cemetery at the golf course”   http://bit.ly/1tUQ4rX


  1. “Is that a body in the rug?   http://bit.ly/1yBB5po


  1. “Is there more crime on Halloween?”   http://bit.ly/1zk1Q2K


  1. “What does a Texas Ranger do?”   http://bit.ly/1AMF4Cd


  1. “Is that a body under the deck?”   http://bit.ly/1NR7cGd


  1. “30 more ways to die an unnatural death”   http://bit.ly/1IG65EE


  1. “About the snakes…”   http://bit.ly/1Fx7Zaq


  1. “Murder in the Cathedral”   http://bit.ly/1KQTkt2


Keep checking back at Kerrian’s Notebook for more places to hide the bodies – you know there will be more. 😉



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