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Kerrian’s Notebook, p. 150 “30 More Ways to Die an Unnatural Death”


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In March, 2014, in celebration of the 100th page on www.kerriansnotebook.com, I published “100 Ways to Die an Unnatural Death.” It quickly became the most widely read post on the site, and stayed at the top for the rest of the year. Professional writers used the list as a reference and fans of the crime/mystery genre searched the list for new (to them) odd ways that people die. Check out the list here.


There were so many responses and suggestions that by June, 2014, we had enough ideas to publish “50 More Ways to Die an Unnatural Death.” That post finished in the Top Ten for most popular posts of the year. Read that list here.


This is the 150th post for Kerrian’s Notebook, and 150 posts is worthy of recognition in keeping with what the Kerrian fans have come to look for.


You might ask, “Are there really more than 150 ways to die an unnatural death?” Oh, yes, indeed.


Thanks to contributions from readers all over the globe, we have 30 additions to the list. All of these scenarios could happen to somebody, somewhere, sad to say. Some are fictional setups based on actual events, some cases were plain bad luck, some were as a result of Mother Nature’s fury, some as a result of deadly intent. Whatever the reason? Dead is dead.


Shovels, pitchforks, and rugs at the ready, please. 😉



  1. House collapses during demolition with person inside


  1. Person swept away in a flood



  1. Water intoxication – you really can drink too much water – from Lori Ryan (www.loriryanromance.com)


  1. Drowning – Poet kissed reflection of moon in water before falling overboard.


  1. Death by crushed Tylenol in a mincemeat pie – from Ruth McCarty (www.ruthmccarty.com)


  1. Death by shooting in a court case – lawyer maintained that a shooting victim could have shot himself while drawing his own gun, demonstrated same, and killed himself. He won the case.


  1. Death from starvation – while wife was hospitalized, refused to eat anything that wasn’t prepared by her.


  1. Death by Segway – owner of the company lost control of his Segway and went off a cliff.


  1. Trip over your own beard


  1. Choke on dog food – from Jessica Pettengill Messinger


  1. Inhaled manure fumes – father & son in Iowa


  1. Choked on scarf – caught in dirt bike chain


  1. Choked on scarf – caught on the wheel of car in which she (Isadora Duncan) was a passenger


  1. Fall off balcony – second floor outside balcony under renovation, floor not finished. Person walks out in the middle of night, forgetting there is no floor, and falls to death between the headers. Credit to Rob & Bobbi Mumm who thought it was a great setup for a murder mystery. Really, both of them are alive and well. 😉


  1. Fall off balcony – while fending off wild monkeys (list25.com)





     16. Death by carrot juice overdose – 10 gallons in 10 days

     17. Collision of car and deer. Both driver and deer die.

     18. Elephant steps on vehicle and occupant is crushed.

     19. Trampled by horse during polo match

     20. Kicked in the head by a cow




lion2 copy


     21. Killed by African lion

     22. Attacked and killed by own dog

     23. Killed by a hippo

     24. Dying of laughter after watching donkey eat figs (list25.com)

     25. Killed by a robot arm in a factory (list25.com)

     26. Crushed by falling whale

     27. Death by soup injection

     28. Death by too much bungee cord in a bungee jump

     29. Stabbed with a screwdriver – Phillips head, to be specific

     30. Overdose of aerosol deodorant – sprayed all over body twice a day


There you have it!


Be careful out there and apparently, be especially careful when you are close to hippos! They kill about 200 people every year! Hmmm…getting an idea for a story…



*Photos by Patti Phillips



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