KN, p. 299 “Happy 11th Anniversary!”

In 2010, I finished writing a novel featuring Charlie and Sheila Kerrian as a dedicated police detective and his equally dedicated educator wife. I also wrote a few articles in 2010 developing back story for the happily married couple experiencing life while Charlie recovered from an on-the-job-injury. He had time on his hands between rehab sessions, so he kept a notebook while he looked into crimes in the greater NY area and opened up about their lives in general.


I did this as a marketing tool to get the word out about the book and was delighted when readers asked for more. While attending Writers’ Police Academy that year, I was encouraged to start a website and put the articles out there to a wider audience. The book was never published (very long story) but more than 300 posts later, we are celebrating eleven years of Kerrian’s Notebook, with an international audience that happily keeps growing.


Along the way, I had a slew of requests for the posts to be combined into books, and Kerrian’s Notebook, Volumes 1 & 2 were created. Find them on Amazon, in e-book form.

Kerrian’s Notebook, Volume 1

Kerrian’s Notebook, Volume 2


Here are the ten most popular posts from the eleven years, as decided by you and all the readers around the world. You are a mix of law enforcement officers, professional writers, and civilians who love to read the behind the scenes info found on KN. Click on the titles to read the posts again or enjoy them for the very first time.


#10 – What Does a Texas Ranger Do?


#9 – How Big Is That Jail Cell?


#8 – CSI Techs – What Is That Smell?


#7 – What Does A Firefighter Wear?


#6 – The Stokes Basket Rescue Method


#5 – Underwater Evidence and Body Recovery: Lakes and Bodies of Water


#4 – What Happens in an Ambulance?


#3 – How Many Bodies at the Scene?


#2 – 100 Ways to Die an Unnatural Death


#1 – How to Become a Texas Ranger


Here’s some great news to begin year #12:


There will be a special Anniversary Drawing in honor of sharing eleven years of fun, facts, and a few dead bodies. If you’re a subscriber to the newsletter, details will be included in the next one. If not a subscriber, sign up now and be eligible to win a mystery, novel of suspense, or thriller.


Thank you one and all! I couldn’t have done it without your fabulous comments,  suggestions, and continuing readership.


Stay tuned for the next Kerrian’s Notebook.   🙂


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4 thoughts on “KN, p. 299 “Happy 11th Anniversary!””

  1. Keep up the amazing work. Love everything you do, and I am mesmerized by your great ability to introduce new books and authors, making my world so big.
    Love ya Mary

    1. Warmest of thank yous for your wonderful support throughout the years, Mary. Your encouragement is deeply appreciated! I plan to continue the search for authors that intrigue and inspire you, along with passing along some details of behind the scenes action.

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