KN, p. 268 “Christmas Thoughts for 2020”


Christmas will be quieter and smaller at our house this year. No masks required, because it will be just us. A woof in the background reminded me to tell you that Hammett will be here as well.


Bridget went back to Texas after three months, when the hotel chain she likes instituted safe-zone protocols. She packed plenty of masks, disposable gloves, antibacterial spray, and cleaning cloths just in case conditions were not as promised. They were, but she felt safer having been prepared. She packed food for the two days on the road, in case restaurants weren’t open. Her usual cross country rest stops had restrictions on the number of people allowed in at a time – food selections were limited, but gas was plentiful and cheap. She arrived home safe, but tired. We’ll miss that big smile and warm heart and the roar of the Mustang.


What we, and many others will miss are the large friends and family gatherings, the crowded church services with all the singing and hugs, and food aplenty to be had at everyone’s house.


Sheila and I live by this idea: “We may not be able to control what goes on in the world, but we can control our reaction to it.” We looked back through earlier holiday posts and noticed that some of our ideas of living out the reason for the season would not be possible this year because of the Pandemic, but others still work.


  • Try cooking/quilting/book clubs with friends, via GoToMeeting. Sheila misses her cooking group and had a ball when they each stood in their own kitchens and worked on cookie recipes together.
  • Be less critical of each other. Your way might not be the only way to get the job done.
  • Smile. Often. Maybe in reaction to a beautiful sunset. You’ll feel better.
  • Give the gift of forgiveness. Soften your heart and forget the small stuff before it becomes the big stuff.
  • Write a letter sharing your week and snailmail it to the older people in your life. Not everyone has email.
  • Call people that you might normally be meeting at your favorite bistro for lunch. They miss you, too.
  • Give the gift of time. Memories are made when people laugh and giggle together, whether online or on the phone, or if you’re lucky, face-to-face.

Above all, have the best holiday season you can arrange, and a much better 2021, when life just might resemble something approaching normal again.


In Hope and Peace,
Patti & the Kerrians



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KN, p. 251 “2019 TopTen New Posts”



Many warm thanks to all the Kerrian followers. Readership was up by over 50% in 2019. That’s not a typo. You spread the word and people kept on reading and sharing.


The Kerrians’ 2019 was a year of returning to fan favorite topics that focused on how law enforcement officers work, with the result that four of those articles were in the TopTen new articles for the year.


Interest continues in the new recipes from the Kerrian Kitchen and we’re delighted that you enjoy them as well! Like I keep saying, we taste-test everything and nobody ever died after eating at our house. 😉


Sadly, suicide is on the rise in the USA again and the interest in the article seen here is welcome. It is based on the death of a real family friend. Pass along the information to others, please.


Here are your Top Ten favorites from 2019:

(Click on the links and enjoy them again or read them for the very first time.)


10: “Greek Salad


9:  “Pumpkin Pancakes (GF)


8:  “Meatloaf – Comfort Food


7:  “Suicide


6:  “Where Did They Move the Graves?


5:  “Scotland Yard Is Not in Scotland


4:  “Do You Want to be an FBI Agent? – Part 2


3:  “SWAT Team Experience


2:  “Cucumber Slushies


1:  “Do You Want to be an FBI Agent? – Part 1



Keep a lookout for changes at the Kerrian website. Many will be behind the scenes as we make more cellphone friendly.


The changes will occur over the next few months and I’ll let you know through the newsletters and on Facebook as soon as they happen.


Happy New Year, everyone, and keep those cards, emails, letters, and messages from around the world coming. We read and enjoy them all!   🙂





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KN, p. 247 “Happy 8th Anniversary TopTen on Kerrian’s Notebook”


Many thanks to all the wonderful Kerrian fans and friends throughout the world! Patti and the Kerrians have loved your contributions, suggestions, and enthusiastic sleuthing ideas. You’re the absolute best!!!


Below are the TopTen most popular posts from all eight years.

Take a look again or enjoy them for the first time. 🙂



The tenth most popular post on KN is “Underwater Evidence and Body Recovery: Lakes and Bodies.” Read it here.







#9: “Academy Training at Quantico.” Read it here.

#8: “What Does A Texas Ranger Do?” can be read here.

#7: “Creamy Chocolate Cheesecake.” Yum!





How Big is That Jail Cell?” came in at #6.

#5: Read “What Does a Firefighter Wear?” here.

#4: “100 Ways to Die an Unnatural Death.”  Read it here.





#3: Read “What happens in the ambulance?” here.


#2: “How many bodies at the scene?” can be read here.






Year after year, the most popular post on Kerrian’s Notebook continues to be:

“How to become a Texas Ranger.”

Read it here.




Our readership continues to grow all across the country and the world. Join us and be alerted to the latest in “Fun, Facts, and a Few Dead Bodies,” as well as occasional mystery novel giveaways.  🙂  Sign up in the comments below.




KN, p. 247 “Happy 8th Anniversary TopTen on Kerrian’s Notebook” Read More »

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